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The body known as All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM). ANCEDRAM unites all Christian Drama Ministers and help to fulfill their individual callings in the body of Christ. ANCEDRAM is an umbrella under which Drama Ministries rally together for shelter, food in high in-sight into the calling of God in Evangelical Christian Drama.

Through ANCEDRAM programmes like Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Training, the Drama Ministries become better equipped to face the challenges ahead. ANCEDRAM maintains a high sense of discipline and ensures that Christian Drama Productions conform to scriptural standards.

ANCEDRAM trains Christian Drama Ministers to excel as actors and actresses and at the same time uphold their testimonies as Christians.

It is non-denominational but inter-denominational in operation. Membership is open to all the born again children of God who have Drama as their ministry and others who are associated with Christian Drama on film production like Christian film Markers, Cameramen, Film directors, etc.

ANCEDRAM is not a drama group. Her major role is to act as co-ordinating body and provide opportunities for the individuals and drama groups to fulfill their calling. Above all, it is to act as a watchman over the ancient landmark of Christianity in conduct, words and in drama productions.

ANCEDRAM tries to bring in professionalism into Christian Drama Production by organizing lectures and training for different areas of Theatre Arts. Provision of books and up-to-date information in film/drama production.

ANCEDRAM works hand in hand with pastors to ensure that their drama groups were built up to standard.

Be part of this end-time move of God as you get involved in the vision of ANCEDRAM.

Presently, ANCEDRAM has been officially inaugurated in all the states of the federation including Federal Capital Territory. If the vision has not yet spread to your locality, as a drama minister, mobilize the drama groups around your area and form a branch of this conference.

Then contact the nearest ANCEDRAM office of state secretariat for formal inauguration.

ANCEDRAM has already been registered with corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria as the sole body co-ordinating the affairs of Christian Drama in Nigeria.

Our Vision.

  1. Training of Christian Drama Ministers.
  2. Evangelism through Drama.

Our Mission.

To bring all evangelical drama ministers under one umbrella and to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world through dram and film.

Our Objectives.

  1. To prevent heretical and unbiblical ideas in order to enhance qualitative ministerial standards in the production of Evangelical Christian Drama and films.
  2. To provide information and collaborate with other Christian bodies locally and internationally for the purpose of expanding the gospel through drama and film productions.
  3. To organize Evangelical Drama and Film Festivals which will involve local and international bodies.
  4. To publish current journals on ministerial activities of drama ministers and maintain a well equipped library.
  5. To advise and mediate in matters arising between producers and film marketers.
  6. To provide consultancy services and production facilities for members at moderate charges.
  7. To provide a platform for the spiritual growth and development of members through congresses, retreats and training programmes.

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