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Board of Trustees, Council of Elders, Board of National Executive, and National Executive Councils.

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The Board of Trustees is the highest governing body of ANCEDRAM, they are known as “The Registered Trustees of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers”.

ANCEDRAM Council of Elders is the body that performs ad-hoc functions as required of them by the Board of Trustees and the Board of
National Executive. They are majorly made up of Former ANCEDRAM Presidents.

The Board of National Executive is shouldered with the responsibility of carrying out the day to day activities of ANCEDRAM. They are responsible for the administration and smooth running of the CONFERENCE.

The National Executive Council is comprised of Administrators of Zones,
Chairmen/persons and Secretaries of the thirty-six (36) States of the
Federation plus FCT and the Board of National Executive. They work as subordinate to the Board of National Executive.

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Board of Trustees


Mike Bamiloye


Mike Bamiloye is the President of Mount Zion Faith Ministry. He is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ANCEDRAM


Shola Mike Agboola

ANCEDRAM B.O.T Secretary

Shola Mike Agboola is the President of EVOM WORLD NETWORK and the Secretary of ANCEDRAM B.O.T

Paul Adaramola

ANCEDRAM B.O.T Treasurer

Paul Adaramola is the President of GODRAM (the Drama Arm of GOFAMINT Drama and Film Ministries. He is the Treasurer of ANCEDRAM


The National Executive Council (NEC) works as subordinate to the Board of National Executive (BONE) in running the affairs of ANCEDRAM

Council Of Elders

Kolade Segun Okeowo

Kolade Segun Okeowo

ANCEDRAM Former President and CEO of Zion stones Media. He is also the Principal of Christoline Film Academy


Beloved Alabi

ANCEDRAM Former President and Director at Prophetic Films.

Olalekan Ashikia

Olalekan Ashikia

ANCEDRAM Former National President and President of Lord’s Ambassador Drama And Teaching Ministries (LADTEM) is located in , Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria

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