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(Genesis 38:1)

Judah made a costly mistake by associating with a bad friend and this almost wrecked his life and would have cut him short of fulfilling the covenant of God.

The meaning of Judah is praise; he was privileged among the children of Israel to have the sceptre of leadership [Gen.49:10] but he used it as collateral for just a night of worldly pleasure with a supposed harlot and it was not without the knowledge and full support of his friend, Hirah an Adullamite [Gen 38:20].

Judah departed from his brothers and associated with Hirah an Adullamite which made him become unequally yoked with unbelievers; then he chose to marry a Canaanite woman. As if that was not enough, he travelled again to Timnath with this same friend after the death of his wife and two sons and he chose to pass a night with a harlot. He was trapped by his daughter in-law who was mistaken for an harlot [Gen 38:13,14,24,25].

The people in one’s life matter a lot. The people who surround you are a great determinant of what becomes of you, your family and ministry.  For a man to fulfil God’s purpose in line with HIS programme for one’s life, family and ministry, one must earnestly and consciously pray and seek for the right people.

When you have the right people in your life: they correct you, tell you the truth, carry your vision, bear your burden, comfort you, criticise you but constructively, and pray for you.

Drama minister! Who are the Adullamites in your life or around you? They will  make it comfortable for you in associating with them but they are dangerous because deliberately, they will jeopardise your relationship with God and HIS people. Their fame, security and counsel are fake and ungodly. We need to pray that ‘God, separate me from the Adullamite.’


1. Let us appreciate God for giving us a new day, a new week, a new strength, for refreshing our lives, families and ministries. 

2.Let us pray for as many ministers who have been lured into associating with the Adullamite knowingly or unknowingly, that the Lord shall be merciful unto them and restore them into HIS fold.

3. Let us pray that God shall help all ministers both in drama evangelism and other fields to be disconnected from any wrong association in life, family and ministry. 

4. Let us pray that, ‘Oh Lord, if there is any Adullamite I am in association with, consciously or unconsciously, deliver me today.’

5. Let us pray to God that, ‘Oh Lord Jesus, I refuse to lose Your relationship and that of Your people who You have placed around me to fulfil Your purpose and mandate in life, family and ministry.’

6. Let us pray that, ‘Lord, separate me from wrong people, and connect me with the right people in life, family and ministry.

7. Let us pray for our brethren in Sokoto State, Bayelsa State and Bauchi State that the Lord shall in all ramifications silence and disengage from them the wrong people as He begins to install the right people and give them voice in the land; that we take authority over any form of of crisis and ungodly events in the land and stop them in JESUS’ name.

8. Pray more as the Spirit of God leads you.


– Pastor Seyi Israel (Nat’l Prayer Secretary)


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