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(2Kings 6: 16-17)

Until you begin to see your problems with spiritual eyes you will never have a correct view of your situation. What you see is by far less than what you do not see. The problems you see are less than the unseen powers and provision. In 2 Kings 6:13-17, Elisha’s servant saw the besieging Syrian army, but did not see the angelic host that besieged the army. However, his fear disappeared when Elisha prayed and his eyes were opened.

I don’t know what has besieged you. Maybe you are thinking you have nothing tangible to prove the goodness of God in your life and ministry this year and we are already in December. Maybe you are still seeking answer to your frequent question of “Oh Lord, when will my own time come to be ushered in to magnificent mansion of manifestation in life, family and ministry?” Or maybe the enemies of your destiny and glory have conspired against you. Fear not, beloved. Shift your attention from your challenges, and be persuaded and assured of the unconquerable, unstoppable, inexhaustible power, presence and provisions of God.

That siege over your life is a farce: it is under a super siege. The siege in your finances, family and ministry is under a super siege. There is always a double siege at play whenever there is a siege involving a child of God. And the stronger force will eventually win and take all the booties.

The Lord will turn all those who conspired against you into a laughing stock and all your besieging enemies shall loose all their treasures, assets and weapons to the super siege in JESUS’ name!


1. Let us appreciate God for seeing us through to shouting the last “happy new month!” of the year 2021.

2. Let us pray that God shall surround every siege in our lives, families and ministries with His super siege and destroy them.

3. Let us pray that God shall destroy every siege against the expansion of the Gospel in our nation and the world over.

4. Shall we pray that God shall stop every problem besieging His children everywhere now.

5. Let us pray that all forms of afflictions against children of God shall come to an end as this year goes to an end in JESUS’ name.

6. Let us pray that the Lord shall make us spiritual and help us to always see our problems and challenges with spiritual eyes so that we may have correct view of our situations.

7. Shall we pray that all challenges and battles that waste our efforts and sacrifices in ministry this year shall be rendered powerless and become our stepping stones to greatness as we end this year in JESUS’ name.

8. Pray more as the Spirit of God leads you.


– Pastor Seyi Israel (Nat’l Prayer Secretary)


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