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(PSALM 103:1-5)

Giving thanks to God is our obligation as responsible and appreciative children of God. Even when the going is rough, we are still duty-bound to give Him thanks. It should be a regular activity and not occasional expression of excitement.

Many a time people focus their attention on things they wish to achieve within the year but couldn’t till the end of the year and allow this to form the basis of their attitude toward God. If you think deep down within you starting from January to December, you will discover countless reasons to give thanks to God.

Why give thanks?

* It is a command from our creator. God does good and not evil. He is ever faithful to His word. It is therefore obedience to Him.

* You are still alive. No one can keep him/herself alive. The one who gives us life and sustains it should be appreciated.

* He forgives all our sins, saves us and heals our diseases.

* Trying conditions/situations can change for better as long as life continues and we continue in God.

* Thanksgiving turns situation around.

* You are not the only one in that trying situation (1Cor.10:13). And you will not be the last. Why not thank Him in advance? (Phil.4:6).

* Christians should not allow their difficult situations to affect the joyous mood of other people [Phil.4:1-7].

* Whenever we thank God we are expressing our endurance and perseverance, which are part of the fruits of the spirit.

* We are ignorant of lots of things. We live in a mysterious world where happenings within it are difficult to understand. Thank God.

Do not allow your circumstances and feelings to determine and control your conduct. Faith demands that we thank God in any situation.


1. Let us pray that the Lord shall give us grace to be sensitive to his move on our behalf in all situations so that we will always thank him.

2. Let us pray that the Lord shall give us the heart of gratitude to fellow human beings and especially to God immediately and ultimately.

3. Let us appreciate God on behalf of all ANCEDRAM members at all levels, home and abroad, for God’s protection, guidance, grace, favour and mercy we enjoyed all through the journey of the year 2021.

4. Let us reason together and begin to count God’s blessings upon our lives, families and ministries and begin to appreciate God as far as we can.

5. Let us appreciate God prophetically that God who has seen us through the year 2021 shall surely by His grace launch us into the year 2022 in sound health, with prosperity, grace for ministerial open doors and breakthroughs, and see us throughout the year. That as God lives we shall shout together happy New Year 2023.

6. Pray more as the Spirit of God leads you.


– Pastor Seyi Israel (Nat’l Prayer Secretary)


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