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(PSALM 102:13, ECCLESIASTES 3:1, 11-13)

When a woman is pregnant, according to medical practitioners, there is what they called EDD, Expected Date of Delivery. All the people concerned would have been informed and be preparing for the date (the set time). Also, by the order of creation, nine months is the set period for a pregnant woman to be delivered of her baby. So at the end of it all, she has a reward for her labour and everybody around her begins to congratulate her, including her enemies.

In one of the scriptural references for this week’s prayer, Solomon stated it emphatically that there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven and God has power to beautify everything in His time.

So, to all drama ministers who have invested their time into God’s project, and are still investing, purposefully, rightly, at a particular set time, and strictly under the divine guidance, here is a good news to us: I see God coming to us expressly through the Psalmist that this is our Divine Set Time and God shall arise to show us mercy and favour and make everything in life, family and ministry beautiful for us. So, cheer up, God Himself shall arise for your sake. This is your set time.

1. Let us appreciate God for our lives, families and ministries for God’s mercy and favour that we enjoy daily, also for the platform He has given to us to declare HIS mind to the whole world and fulfil our destiny.
2. Shall we declare that this is our Divine Set Time for more and greater open doors for the message of the season, ministrations, breakthroughs, blessing and opportunities.
3. Shall we pray that God shall arise against every battle and challenge that confronts us and is slowing down the move of God in our lives, families and ministries.
4. Let us declare that by God’s mercy and favour, we are launched into our season of rejoicing and goodness of God.
5. Let us pray that as many as ANCEDRAM brethren who are in pains, sorrows and tears, regardless of the source, that God shall visit them at this moment with the OIL of GLADNESS as He wipes away their tears.
6. Let us pray that anywhere we get to in any part of this world to declare the mind of God, we shall be favoured and enjoy the good of all our labour as a gift of God.
7. Let us pray for our brethren in Osun State, Akwa Ibom State and Taraba State that the Lord shall renew their strength for more harvest of souls into God’s kingdom; that both the leaders and members, and both their ministries and individual lives shall be secured in the pavilon of God; and that the grace to possess the land shall be released on them.
8. Pray more as the Spirit of God leads you.


Pastor Seyi Israel (National Prayer Secretary)

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