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(John 8:36)

Freedom simply means the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. 

Looking at the Israelites as a case study, having spent four hundred and thirty years under the slavery of Egyptians [Exodus 12:40], at the end, the very day that four hundred and thirty years was completed, the hosts of the Lord (Israelites) went out of Egypt [Gen.12:41] and this is what Moses was reminding them of in Gen. 13:3 that they  should remember this day of exodus when they came out of the slavery by the mighty hand and power of God. That was the day of their deliverance; they were free indeed.

ANCEDRAM is the host of the Lord in the land of Nigeria; we are out of any form of slavery in this land of Nigeria in JESUS’ name.

There are different kinds of slavery. It could be spiritual or physical. Whatever is the nature of slavery or bondage, the good news is that once the son of God sets you free, you are free indeed.

Nigeria is celebrating 61 years of independence but still under the slavery of what is called neo-colonialism which could be traced back to enemies without, enemies around and enemies within. This has badly affected the spread of the Gospel across the land, but the Lord shall surely give us deliverance from all manner of oppression as we begin to pray and  claim the word of God, “WE ARE FREE INDEED”..


1. Let us appreciate God for the tenth month of this year 2021; His faithfulness and mercy kept us tìll this moment. 

2. Let us pray that God shall deliver Nigeria our country from any form of slavery, bondage and oppression in JESUS’ name. 

3. Let us pray that the Lord shall make Nigeria independent indeed; that the Lord shall visit our security, economic political, academic and other sectors with true freedom from all manner of captivity. 

4. Let us pray for as many children of God who are presently under any form of oppression, slavery, servitude etc., that the mighty hand of God shall deliver them and set them free. 

5. Shall we declare  ANCEDRAM as the hosts of the Lord and that we are coming out of all manner of challenges that appear to be enslaving us, be it spiritual, physical,  psychological, financial etc. in JESUS name. 

6. Let us pray that every slavemaster and source of any kind of captivities against our lives, families and ministries are rendered powerless, exposed and disgraced in JESUS’ name. 

7. Let us pray for our brethren in Nassarawa State, Ekiti State and Delta State that they shall enjoy total and true freedom and shall be empowered to set the captives free from their bondages in their various states. 

8. Pray more as the Spirit of God leads you. 


– Pastor Seyi Israel (Nat’l Prayer Secretary)


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