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(ISAIAH 58:11; GENESIS 37:28)

Joseph was a man who got it right in all the journey and history of his life. In his father’s house he received the love, kindness and security that is required for a man to overcome any form of complexes and step into life with boldness and mentality to fight for a winning chance. He also learnt how to stand for the truth without fear of intimidation from his elder brothers.

He was 17 years old when God sent him (by his brothers selling him) to Egypt (the right place {Gen.37:28}), the place of his destiny fulfilment. In Potiphar’s house, he took the right posture by being faithful and righteous even in small things [Gen.39:1ff]. In the prison he sharpened the gift of interpretation of dreams and also improved on his intimacy with God. As he kept doing the right things in the prison he met the right people that carried the right authorities to introduce him to the king when the king himself needed what Joseph had [Gen.41:12-16,38-46].

The expectation of God for you is that you will get things right in every area of your life because until you start getting things right consistently, your destiny cannot become what He wants it to be. Therefore, if you must get it right altogether, then you need to work upon yourself to become the right person that is always at the right place at the right time, doing the right things, taking the right steps, acquiring the right skills and meeting the right people in the right in the right conditions with the right power and authority to execute the role that God has mandated for in your life.

As a minister of God on any field of evangelism in God’s vineyard, have you in one way or the other missed the right direction in the past or your heart desires God’s direction consistently in life, family and ministry more than ever before? This is your time and season of restoration and refreshment! It is a promise of God [ISAIAH 58:11] “And the Lord shall guide you continually…”

Let us quote God by His word as we begin to pray. 


1. Let us appreciate God for everything He has been doing and will continue to do in our lives, families and ministries. 

2. Let us pray that ‘Father, place me under your divine guidance and direction in all my endeavours all through my life.’

3. Let us pray that ‘Lord, show me all I need to be, what I need to know, where I need to be and the people I need to meet in order to be what you intend for me.’

4. Let us pray that however hard the economic situation of this country, the Lord shall satisfy our soul in life, family and ministry and make fat our bones.

5. Let us pray that ‘Father, whenever any test of faith comes our way even while following Your very direction, we shall not disappoint You.’ You may also personalise it and cry that ‘I refuse to disappoint You, oh Lord.’

6. Shall we pray that ‘Oh Lord, in life, family and ministry, take me to the source/spring of water that never fails.’

7. Let us pray for ANCEDRAM in Gombe State, Borno State, Zamfara State that the light of God for evangelism shall shine in the land and God shall empower drama ministers in the land to conquer the land for the Lord in JESUS’ name.

8. Pray more as the Spirit of God leads you.


– Pastor Seyi Israel (Nat’l Prayer Secretary)


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